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IFG was retained by the City of Ottawa in 2011 to assist them with the planned renovation of the Ottawa Baseball Stadium, formerly the home to Triple-A baseball's Ottawa Lynx.  The 10,300-seat stadium, which was originally designed by Ellerbe Becket in 1993, was scheduled to undergo significant upgrades and retrofitting to become a potential home to a Double-A baseball team.  Proposed improvements included revised seating bowl, updated clubs and suites, new scoreboard, indoor batting tunnel, new field, accessibility upgrades, compliance with MiLB standards and general improvements throughout facility. 


IFG preformed a full facility assessment that identified potential improvements and requirements to comply with current MiLB standards along with order of magnitude renovation cost estimates and development budgets. IFG continued to serve as the City’s representative and advisor by during lease negotiations by providing program requirements, budgetary information and negotiation support.


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