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We support our clients as extension of staff, advisors or team leaders

IFG is a multi-disciplined team with expertise in every aspect of facility development—from project planning through operations and asset management. IFG excels at coordination the functional, aesthetic, and operating requirements of these developments with the goal of creating an outstanding fan experience, superior facility and a sustainable community asset.

IFG tailors its services to complement our Client’s staff by ensuring that the role of each team member is clearly defined and expectations are understood, minimizing the duplication of in-house capabilities and responsibilities of other departments and consultants to minimize unnecessary costs. 


Conceptual planning and program definition are vital first steps in every development. IFG works quickly to assimilate project information including conceptual budgets, programs and introduces our significant facility experience and planning tools to help Clients avoid time-consuming, costly missteps. Acting as an extension of our Client's staff rather than a separate party in the development process, IFG assists with assembling RFP’s, and assist the Clients with the selection of key designers, builders and consultants. We rely on our professional relationships with many of the national sports consulting firms, sports architects, engineers, builders, food service providers and other facility management companies which results in tremendous networking capabilities and leverage to benefit of our Clients.


Working with project engineers and other consultants, we review sites under consideration for their ability to support parking, infrastructure, utilities, ingress/egress requirements and more. IFG employs meticulous analysis tools to review the project's relevant factors—including technical, scheduling, legal and economic considerations—to ascertain the likelihood of completing the project successfully


Financing facility development may involve public or private instruments or a combination of the two. IFG has significant experience assisting clients with financial and credit markets and the all-important political landscape. We can assist in identifying and retaining project finance counsels, financial advisors, financial feasibility consultants and support the preparation of financial models and underwriting strategies.


Through its Lender's Representation services, IFG acts as a construction consultant to the lending and investment industry. We provide detailed reviews of project documentation and program requirements to identify and minimize the lender's financial risk. We also participate in monthly meetings to review issues and strategies to keep projects on budget and on schedule.


IFG is persistent and methodical in its approach to design oversight.  IFG works quickly to define the program, budget and schedule to guide the facility design.  IFG has developed several tools and techniques to document our comments and track the disposition of each. IFG will coordinate the design review process by assembling input from project stakeholders and ensure that all comments/concerns are addressed.

IFG will also review the design documents and specifications at the Conceptual, Schematic, Design Development and Construction Document phases.  During the design review process, IFG assists clients in analyzing critical success factors including fan experience, overall project functionality, aesthetics, site layout, ingress/egress, public use, suitability of design, reliability of facility and facility systems, and maintainability, among others.


During construction, IFG will provide construction oversight and oversee the monthly payout applications to ensure that the expended funds are properly accounted. IFG will conduct and coordinate jobsite walkthroughs with the architect and the builder’s  project personnel to encourage consistent interpretation of the project documents.  As the construction phase progresses and major equipment or systems are installed, IFG’s presence will increase to support the complex sequencing of critical path activities.


During the construction phase, IFG, as owner's representative, provides:

  • Daily field representation

  • Monitoring of monthly payout applications

  • Cost tracking and reporting

  • Schedule reviews

  • Monthly reports and invoice reconciliations

  • Monitoring of QA/QC and safety programs

  • Procurement services for major specialty items (e.g., scoreboards for sports facilities)

  • Punch-list oversight

IFG is the owner's eyes and ears on every detail of construction.


IFG has a national reputation for FF&E procurement. Our strong relationships with leading vendors can mean measurable savings and efficiencies for our clients. IFG can help identify the items to be purchased or relocated, determine the estimated cost, assign design and procurement responsibility and oversee the purchase and installation.  It is critical that the list of these items be identified early, to ensure that the necessary design services are procured from the Architect and the construction scope of work is properly defined.

IFG provides the following:

  • Preparing working budgets, specifications, and bid documents for all items.

  • Challenges interior designers, contractors and vendors to find best-in-class FF&E solutions.

  • Reviews product data and samples to ensure compliance with the owner's requirements.

  • Evaluates bid responses, negotiate prices and/or recommends successful bidder or re-bid alternates.

  • Oversees the procurement and installation process from start to finish.

  • Coordinates training schedules or leads training consistent with the contractor's construction turnover schedule, including inventory security.

  • Assembles and reviews warranties to make sure they are complete and enforceable.


Our typical venue commissioning activities include:

  • Operation and maintenance training and CMMS development (computerized maintenance management system)

  • Assembly and review of turnover documentation

  • Emergency plans

  • Staffing structure and training plans

  • Review of start-up plans and checklists for ongoing operations

  • Review of operations and maintenance manuals, warranties and guarantees for equipment

  • Peer review of security, communications, crisis management, emergency operating procedures, and planning and training programs

  • Counsel on revenue-producing opportunities:

    • In-house or contracted food service

    • Assistance on suite leasing and other event-use contracts


IFG also performs a variety of Operational Planning and Consulting for its Clients seeking supplemental support during the pre-opening, operational "start-up" phase in front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house areas or to plan large scale renovations or capital improvements. These services are added value and our methods are complementary to the client's existing staff or third-party operator; designed to maximize operating efficiencies and manpower during the months that lead up to the facilities grand opening celebration.

IFG has unique knowledge of facility operations including MLB, MiLB, NBA, NHL, NFL and MLS Team and league operations as well as non-sporting events. IFG personnel have been intimately involved with the operations of Guaranteed Rate Field and the United Center in Chicago, the Stockton Arena and Banner Island Ballpark in Stockton, CA, the Mercy Health Stadium in Avon, OH and the FNB Field in Harrisburg, PA. These resources can and will be called upon as needed.  Having personnel that have operated professional major and minor league sports facilities brings a unique perspective and resource to benefit the development process.

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