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IFG Salvation Army Rehab.jpg

IFG served as Owner’s Representative to The Salvation Army for the redevelopment of one of their most successful retail store and processing operations located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.  IFG oversaw the selection of the architect and general contractor, assisted with the approval of the Planned Development and provided oversight of the design and construction.


The Salvation Army operates the Adult Rehabilitation Center, Family Store and Warehouse on a four-acre site, providing rehabilitation and housing services, men's ministries, worship services and Christian education guidance supporting individuals toward life recovery.  The redevelopment included the demolition of three existing buildings and the construction of a new 35,000 square foot Family Store and a new 12,000 square foot Maintenance Building.  


Designed by Antunovich Associates and constructed by Bulley & Andrews, the project was constructed in two phases to maintain continual on-site operations with completion in January 2013.


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