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IFG Glendale Courthouse.jpg

IFG served as the Project Manager for the City of Glendale’s new Court Complex, responsible to oversee the design-build process.  The $42 million, 93,000 square foot complex was scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2010. IFG recommended and City agreed to utilize a Bridging-Design approach in order to minimize the City’s initial investment, limit overall development risk and to accelerate the project schedule.  HOK was selected to prepare the bridging design documents that included the architectural exterior and interior, general floor plans and special systems.  The Complex includes 14 court rooms with judges' chambers, prosecutor's offices, victim advocate offices, interview rooms, conference rooms and office space for support staff.  The project’s stately design was intended to anchor the revitalized eastern gateway area of the city leading toward downtown Glendale.


Dick & Fritsche Design Group and D.L. Withers form the Design-Builder that was chosen to complete the design and construction. Because of the severe 2009 financial conditions, the project was placed on hold and has not yet been completed.


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