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Ed Smith Stadium Renovation

Ed Smith Stadium Renovation | Sarasota, FL

IFG Role:

IFG served as the owner's representative to Sarasota County, the project owner. IFG  facilitated owner's meetings and coordinated the efforts of the contractor and architect. Services included design monitoring and review, construction and architect/engineer contract reviews and negotiations, construction budget preparation and monitoring.
Client: Sarasota County
Tenant: Baltimore Orioles
Description: The renovated stadium has a total seating capacity of 8,500-9,000, between fixed and berm seating. The project includes a 35,000-square-foot state-of-the-art clubhouse at Ed Smith, plus a 25,000-square-foot minor league clubhouse at Twin Lakes Park.
Architect: Schwarz/Hoyt Architects
Builder: Hunt/Gilbane
Project Cost: $31.2 million
Completion: 2011