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Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium

Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium | Jackson, MS

IFG Role:

In 2007, IFG  in partnership with CS&L was retained to assist with the analysis of Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium, on behalf of the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) for the State of Mississippi.   IFG worked with HNTB and other project partners to conduct a review to provide a general assessment of the stadium and suggest improvements. IFG's scope included the review and analysis of facility conditions, operating methods, organization and management, marketing, financial analysis and potential uses of the stadium.

In October 2008, The DFA contracted directly with IFG to develop standard operating procedures for the stadium.  IFG developed the mission statement, along with the policies and procedures for booking and marketing, preventative maintenance, facility management, general administration, finance and ticketing.  Additionally, IFG provided an analysis of the traffic management and emergency response plans.

Client: Department of Finance and Administration for the State of Mississippi
Tenant: Jackson State University
Description: Opened in 1950, stadium renovations in 1980 increased the seating capacity to 62,000.
Completion: December 2008