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American Airlines Arena

American Airlines Arena | Miami, FL

IFG Role:

IFG, in partnership with Parsons Brinckerhoff, was retained by the County of Dade to represent the County's interests and assist the Heat towards creating the best possible Arena.  Specific responsibilities included contract reviews, design reviews, quality control and construction oversight services.

Client: County of Dade
Tenant: Miami Heat (NBA)
Description: The 680,000 square feet facility accommodates 19,364 seats for Basketball, 17,000 seats for hockey, and 5,000 to 15,000 seats for stage/concert events.  Twenty super-sized suites, with exterior balconies overlooking Biscayne Bay, and four "star boxes" satisfy the high-end market demand for luxury suites.  
Architect: 360 Architects
Project Cost: $190 million
Completion: December  1999