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Laredo Entertainment Center

Laredo Entertainment Center | Laredo, TX

IFG Role:

IFG was retained to represent the City of Laredo during the negotiations, design, and construction of the arena.  IFG's role was to protect the interests of the City and ensure that the City's investment dollars were maximized.

Client: City of Laredo

Laredo Bucks (CHL)

Description: The new Laredo Entertainment Center is a 10,000-seat arena equipped to accommodate minor league hockey, conventions, concerts and other events.  The arena is 171,000 square feet, with one public concourse and a suite/club level which includes14 suites and a private club.
Architect: Lockwood, Andrews and Newnam
Builder: Beers/Reed Construction
Project Cost: $36 million
Completion: September 2002